Dolphin SVN r5973

Revision 5973:

Commit r5970 part #2: Jit64::GenerateCarry() don’t need a temporary register anymore

Revision 5972

Commit r5970 part #1: Fix what seems to be a bug in PowerPC instruction RFI: the wrong bit was cleared in MSR

Revision 5971

Revert r5970 before committing again part by part (except modifications about CR union)

Revision 5970

More performance work on the PowerPC JIT compiler:

* Merge some loops in PPCAnalyst::Flatten()
* Put and ppcState.cr_fast[] into a single C++ union. This allows quick access to the whole CR register without needing to merge the cr_fast array. The implemented solution assumes the host system is little-endian, but it seems to be already assumed in many places in the code…
* Inline the call to computeCR: it now costs a few more memory bytes per JITed instruction but it removes the CPU overhead of the CALL. This allowed to remove some unneeded MOV as well.
* Jit64::GenerateCarry() don’t need a temporary register anymore
* Fix what seems to be a bug in PowerPC instruction RFI: the wrong bit was cleared in MSR


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Dolphin SVN r5969

Revision 5969:

JitIL: Fixed the code which were pointed out in r5968.

Revision 5968

JitIL: Added operand folding rules to increase speed.

Revision 5967

Produce usable global+destdir tarballs with pathnames relative to / .
This is a bit hacky as SCons’ built-in tar handling basically makes
this impossible. I should just write a «relative path» tarball Builder.


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Dolphin SVN r5966

Revision 5966:

Some refinements to (r5955+r5962+r5964):

Don’t rely on trailing /’s in directory names.

Destdir only works for global builds.

Only tar up global builds if they are in a destdir to
avoid SCons eating all available memory indexing /usr.

Print current status of shared_foo in ‘scons -h’.

Revision 5965

Just a small thing that I forgot to change earlier.
The new default wiiuse wiimote read timeout of 30ms has been overridden previously by the default 10ms from the wiimoteplugin.

Revision 5964

Fix scons stuff broken in revision 5962. The prefix must be conditional on whether the build is global or local. Help should be shown after tests are performed so that the actual values reported are not just an echo of the default values. The bundle is separate from the destdir option.

Revision 5963

Fixes issue 2958 / 2960
Removed wiiuse linkage to common.lib and removed inclusion of log.h(r5944) under windows, since it’s obviously causing problems.

Revision 5962

More SConstruct cleanup.

Revision 5961

Make Cg conditional on those platforms for which it is available.
Of course, this doesn’t do much good without another shader compiler..

WIP of OS X application bundle building.


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Dolphin SVN r5960

Revision 5960:

Hopefully fix string concatenation on unicode builds.

Revision 5959

More FrameAui work. Some more segmentation faults resolved. And a little more code clean up.

Revision 5958

Further *BSD portability.

Revision 5957

Some cases where where uses of wxFileSelector with
wxFileSelectorDefaultWildcardStr had been copy-pasted and
changed to use specific filetypes had retained the extranous
format arguments to wxString::Format.

Revision 5956

abs() works on ints, not floats. Use fabsf() to avoid the double conversions.

Revision 5955

Simplify SConstruct.

Revision 5954

Commit patch submitted in issue 2951 (PowerPC JIT optimizations)

Revision 5953

Remove references to dead «io.h».

Revision 5952

Merging Externals/WiiUse/Src and Externals/WiiUseSrc as requested.

Revision 5951

Revision 5952


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Dolphin SVN r5953

Revision 5953:

Remove references to dead «io.h».

Revision 5952

Merging Externals/WiiUse/Src and Externals/WiiUseSrc as requested.

Revision 5951

Buildfix for wiiuse/windows (broken since r5944) and more wiiuse clean up, plus merging external and internal wiiuse.h as requested.


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Dolphin SVN r5950

Revision 5950:

Lil fix for Gecko code endifs. ((CT7 CST1) error messages)

Revision 5949

Added a button to the «Gecko Codes» panel to download/parse codes from Codes that require modifiers (the XXXX business) will still not work properly, though they should load/save fine. A few more code types should work now. (All non-ASM type codes should at least attempt to run :p) Hacked a param into IniFile::GetLines to disable removal of text after # chars, so codes with # in the name/notes should load fine.

Revision 5948

Fix a segmentation fault when changing perspectives.
Some general code clean up.


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Dolphin SVN r5947

Revision 5947:

Hopefully fix Windows build.

Revision 5946

Use the Linux install hierarchy conventions on other Unices as well.

Revision 5945

Prevent Python from stripping off the final newline of the main(){}
autoconfiguration tests. Some versions of gcc care enough about ANSI C
to complain about this.

Use the Linux install hierarchy conventions on other Unices as well.

XKeysymToString returns NULL on unknown keysyms, which is not a valid
std::string initializer.

There appears to be some disagreement regarding the second parameter
to iconv(). Some versions/installations have it as const, others don’t.
Unfortunately, due to wonderful C++ brain damage, implicit conversion
from const to non-const doesn’t work here.

Revision 5944

Report on the bluetooth queue depth watermark to help diagnose cases
where Dolphin blocks long enough to lose packets.

Revision 5943

Double warning fix! Thanks to Nakeeeee and BhaaL! :p

Revision 5942

A slightly modified(fixed a memleak and sizer spacing) version of avindra’s patch to improve the layout of the new «Cheat Search» dialog.


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Dolphin SVN r5929

Revision 5929:

Add an option for EFB scaled copy to the OpenGL configuration dialog.

Revision 5928

fix for mii faces in mkwii. efb scaled copy still not fixed. working on it.
please test

Revision 5927

JitIL: Added operand folding rules for speed improvement.

Revision 5926

Use the 10.5 SDK for building wxWidgets.


r5929 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r5929 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r5925

Revision 5925:


Revision 5924

Less confused about absolute/relative/symbolic pathnames now.
Fixes Linux global build.

Revision 5923

Fix the global build on linux.

Revision 5922

Prevent double inclusion of CommonPaths.h as pointed out by Glenn.

Revision 5921

Some pathnames are used both by SCons and cpp which can be a bit tricky.
Should revisit and make the distinction more explicit.

Put the Data and Sys directories under Resources in the OS X app bundle.

Construct config.h (now lower-case to avoid confusion with other Config.h
instances in the tree) in the root. One tiny step towards a read-only
and cross-buildable source tree.

Some minor bits of non-Linux Unix portability.


r5925 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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Dolphin SVN r5919

Revision 5919:

JitIL: Implemented linear scan algorithm for register allocation. This is for speed improvement.

Revision 5918

Fixed windows build…

Revision 5917

dsphle — small mail protocol fix for zelda light type

Revision 5916

UDPWii: Broadcasting it’s presence on IPv4 to once every 1.5 seconds. 3-arg Set()-s only worked on strings and doubles :P . Added int and bool variants.

Revision 5915

Get rid of a number of unnecessary env.Clones.

Use SCons’ convenient # shorthand for the root of our tree.

Also various minor cleanup of SConscripts.

Revision 5914

Specify union members of new ARAddr type when printing it.

Revision 5913

Some work on cleaning up the FrameAui code. Primarily this fixes the debugger windows for the audio and video plugins. They are now all subclasses of a wxPanel, instead of a mix of wxFrames and wxDialogs. This makes them work correctly in linux, windows (they really didn’t before), and most likely on MacOSX too!


r5919 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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