Dolphin SVN r6284

Revision 6284:

Added Wii disc speed emulation
Added disc access time emulation
Enabled the disc transfer speed by default
Changed the system timing back to the pre-r6090 default (thanks to tsilibourditsas for testing)
Changed the game property to «Speed up disc transfer rate». Leave this disabled for the most compatible setting.


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r6284 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6283

Revision 6283:

JitIL: Fixed the folding rules. This was the underlying bug of the bad collision checking bug reported in Issue 3097.

Revision 6282

JitIL: Added an IR instruction. Fixed the NSMBW bug reported in Issue 3097.
In Issue 3097, two bugs are reported (The bad collision checking in NSMBW and MP2 collision issue). In this commit, the bug in NSMBW is fixed.


r6283 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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Dolphin SVN r6281

Revision 6281:

Core/DSPCore: Jit: only end emitting the current block when hitting an
unconditional branch(or idle skip), emit check g_dsp.pc and return when
hitting a conditional branch.

Revision 6280

Core/DSPCore: Only check for internal exceptions in DSPEmitter::checkException, but
call it for every instruction, like in DSPInterpreter::Step. Fix the analysis lookups

After this patch, the block_size and the return value from the block always match,
except when an internal exception is detected. This will change in a later patch,
so we actually get some benefits from checking if we need to call HandleLoop().


r6281 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6281 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6279

Revision 6279:

allow dumping of mem2 as well as aram. thanks Treeki

Revision 6278

Core/DSPCore: Initialise all of the code blocks

It is pure luck that we did get a fresh (thus zeroed) memory area when not putting DSPLLE on thread. ClearIRAM() is supposed to only clear the non-static part.


r6279 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6279 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6276

Revision 6276:

Fix building on Linux without bluetooth headers.

Revision 6275

buildfix for debug/debugfast x64

Revision 6274

The —wiimote_plugin command-line option is no longer relevant.

Revision 6273

Allow building without bluetooth support.

Revision 6272

Temporarily re-enable SDL pad input on OS X.

Placeholder SConscript for VideoMerge plugin.

Revision 6271

Fix scons build.

OS X real wiimote support not yet tested post-merge.


r6276 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6276 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6270

Revision 6270:

Moved WiimoteNew into Dolphin and eliminated the old wiimote plugin. Removed wiimote plugin support. Moved input dialog related InputUICommon stuff into DolphinWX. Removed now unused InputCommon files. UDPWiimote stuff is temporarily disabled until it is reorganized so Core won’t depend on wx. Real wiimotes are now initialized on first need(wiimote diag open or game start) and left initialized until Dolphin exit.(maybe this will work better for Linux/OS X) (scons probably needs some fixes)


r6270 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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